In the past few years, there has been a tremendous transformation in mobile technology. The invention of new incredible features has made lives more accessible than before. And what makes our effortless lifestyle conceivable is the conception of mobile applications. This way, the need for the best iOS and android app development company in India is also evolving. 

In spite of the fact that people can access worldwide information through a desktop computer, mobile applications are convenient and effortless. With an app, you can conduct online sales in a convenient manner as well as monitor your customer relationship management. But having an app demands the nature of your business. In order to establish your brand reputation, you should determine whether you require an android development agency or an iOS app development company.

iOS & Android App Development: Learn the distinction before hiring an agency! 

When choosing the best between Android and iOS development agencies, being baffled is common. Despite having architectural similarities, both systems support different development and maintenance approaches and marketing strategies.  

In the section below, we will cover the distinction between iOS and Android development. Hence you will know if Android and iOS are a better fit for an extensive approach to your brand. Let’s learn the most significant clashes between iOS and Android that will help you choose the best iOS and android app development company in India. 

1 - The Operating System 

When you compare the two (iOS and Android), it is prominent that Android technology is still at low levels compared to others. The main reason is that Android lacks the gaming, languages, platforms, and testing sections essential to developing apps.  

On the other hand, iOS applications can only work on Mac and no other device. This can be known as a downfall of iOS app development. Additionally, Mac OS comes at an expensive cost compared to windows. Likewise, iOS app development would also be hefty than android. 

2 - The Design 

Another fact that differentiates iOS from android apps is the application's design. For instance, the iOS application title is always centred. Besides, on the android app, the same title is located at the top left screen. Aside from that, Android icons have thick strokes, whereas iOS icons are thin. 

3 - Coding 

When it comes to programming, Android and iOS have their respective programming languages. To develop an android app, the developers at the android app development company must have a thorough knowledge of Java. Java is used primarily to develop android-based applications.  On the other hand, when it comes to developing iOS apps, swift is one of the renowned programming languages.  The best thing about Swift is that it is an open-source programming language. 

4 - Development Budget

One of the questions that you may ask yourself is what platform to choose first that stays within your budget. Although the complete cost of mobile app development depends on numerous factors including business requirements, and experienced developers.  Developing an Android application requires more valuable resources than developing an iOS application. Furthermore, it takes more time, which eventually costs you more expense. 

Additionally, you must pay a fee to publish your app on the marketplace after development. Apple store charges $99 yearly, whereas the google play store allows you to deliver your android app by paying a one-time fee of $25.  

5 - The Distribution Platform 

When you have gone through all the crucial steps of app development including its deployment on the marketplace. You will start getting feedback from the users. Likewise, you will need developers to update the app with new features time-to-time.  But this case does lie down with the iOS application because it takes weeks to have another version of the app. This simply implies that downloading the android app is easier as compared to Apple apps. Usually, apple developers take more time to fix any bug associated with a particular application.  

Wrapping up! 

Apart from iOS, an Android app development company in India also plays a vital role in order to take your business visibility to the next level. Both support adding value to your brand. Especially now that we live in a high-tech world, all the basics of people living in India depend on online platforms. This way, businesses are headed to develop their business application. 

Although the choice is yours whether you choose an android or proceed with an ios app because developing an online platform depends on your business concerns. Hence, to keep all your concerns in mind, Trank Technologies can help you. It is a leading android and iOS app development company in India that has a number of experienced developers with vast expertise in their respective fields. Contact us to evaluate your potential app with the right platform while avoiding major pitfalls.